Moving Checklist
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If renting, advise your current landlord or agent, in writing, of your intention to move
Advise your children's school / kindergarten and have transfer documents sent to your new school/ kindergarten
Collect children school records, immunization certificates etc. for the new school
Contact government agencies (FBI, Child Support Agency, Medicare etc.) and notify them of your new address and date of move
Inform your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists of your move. Collect your records or request transfer to your new practitioners
Start notifying businesses, colleagues and service providers of your intended change of address
Run down supplies of frozen and perishable foods
Confirm details with E&J Moving - times for pack, move, unpack, clean, details of storage, insurance etc
Organize to disconnect and connect your essential services; gas, water, phone and electricity
Complete your Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address
Transfer all home deliveries to new address
Arrange childcare for your moving day if necessary



Arrange electoral roll transfer
Transfer bank accounts to a more convenient location
Advise the taxation office of your new place of residence
Organize general household repairs and thorough cleaning
Have a final clean-out dispose of out-of-date materials from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry etc
Dispose of flammables
Drain fuel from lawn mower and other machinery
Gather all keys from old address, get spares from family and friends
Send e-cards to everyone with your new details
Collect instruction books for stove, dishwasher, security system and leave for new owner
Cancel or change local services such as lawn mowing services, newspaper deliveries etc.
Keep a bag free with all the things you'll need for your unpacking and cleaning
Keep a few things out for the kids on move day
Have your gas bottle purged
Clean oven
Clean out medicine cabinet
Secure electrical items and make sure safe to move



Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified place so they are not loaded in the removal van, e.g.. bathroom or car
Carry all valuables and important papers with you
Pack your essentials in the E&J Moving Essentials Carton, (refer Moving Manual)
Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm's way
Turn off the gas at the meter, the electricity at the switchboard and water at the tap - make sure all cleaning is finished first
Do a final walk through with removalists
Tighten taps before you leave
Leave a note at your old address with your forwarding address details
Lock all doors and windows as you leave
Test all keys and consider changing your locks




Call and request a new residence pack from your council
If moved inter-state, advise Vehicle Registration Authority of your details
Store items that don't fit in your new home - consider selling or donating any unwanted items
Find where the local sports clubs, parks and social centers are, join some clubs and get involved in your new neighborhood
Visit the local shopping precinct and ascertain which shops are best for parking, price and convenience
Familiarize your pets with your new home as quickly as possible, keep cats inside for at least a week and use Flyway to help cats settle
Organize for E&J Moving to collect your used packing cartons


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